Accident and Repair Bodyshop Centre

The bodyshop repairs centre caters for all types of body damage from minor scrapes to collisions.  For example if your vehicle wing or door panel had a knock then we can correct the problem. Our accident repair centre can help with an accident repair, dealing with Insurance companies to help speed up the process to get the vehicle back on the road as soon as possible.

Using a low bake oven spray booth will ensure the repair will look great and have a long lasting finish. Book you free quote, Book Bodyshop Estimate.

A respected an experienced bodywork repair centre from minor bodywork repairs to accident collision rebuilds. We use a low bake oven with inclusive spray booth to achieve the long lasting reliable finish.

Bodyshop Repairs

  • Vehicle Accidental Damage Repair
  • Full Valet Service
  • Vehicle Dent Removal
  • Vehicle Scuff Removal
  • Full Vehicle Respray
  • Classic Car Repair & Restoration
  • Car Body Kit Fitting (spoilers, alloys etc..)
  • Vehicle Body Alignment Test
  • Vehicle Tyre Replacement
  • Vehicle Respray
  • Classic Car Respray

Our Bodyshop and Accident Repair Centre will deal with your accident claim from the first phone call to the final invoice.

If you have been involved in an accident, call us on 01227 730184. We will organise a free estimate for you and then let you decide whether to make an insurance claim or not. We will contact your insurance company and help to reduce the stress of the process.

Classic Car Renovation - A40 Sports

This Austin A40 Sports started life in 1952 in desperate need of a complete renovation Hatch Autos body shop finished the paint work and produced these results, great job with a stunning finish.

The A40 arrived after being renovated and was ready to be prepared for paint.  The body shop team then prepared the bodywork for a full respray.  The customer is very pleased with the result and keen to discuss how good the finish is when touring the classic car shows around the county.

If you have a restoration project and find the body work a step to far then call us.  We have experience of completing bodywork from the complete respray including the preparation work to partial completion respray work.   Call or complete the form below and we will help you complete your project

Bodyshop Repair Form

After upgrading our body shop service centre in 2012 we included the technology to mix specific paint colours to the manufacturers colour code.

It is always difficult to get the exact paint colour of a car that is a few years old using the manufacturers colour code as paint colour fades over time.

When a car is completely resprayed this is fine as the whole vehicle will look the same colour as it was form new.

Where vehicles are a few years old and need a new wing or bonnet or small amount of respraying then we use some adjustments in the paint mixing process to get as close as possible to the faded body colour to match the old with the new.